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transport of liquid foodstuffs

Family company that we have been creating for two generations. Over 35 years of experience has allowed to develop a solid position on the domestic and foreign market.
We specialize in the transfer of liquid food products in tankers, but TON-POL is not only transport.

We offer run in a field of forwarding, logistics, service and production. TON-POL owns the tank cleaning facility. We also provide washing service for external companies.
In 1989, we were one of the first companies in Poland which stars to transport bulk beer in tankers.

Transport bulk beer in tankers


Today, we can proudly say that through many years of experience, constantly improving competences of our staff, our long-term contractors, introducing newer technologies and technical innovations, we have become a respected and one of the largest transport companies in Poland.


All our tanks and cars are serviced by authorized companies.

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